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Climate Change Exam Part One


Science Grade 10 (SNC 2P)

Exam Review 2012


Part 4: Climate Change (Earth and Space Science) Review

You must be able to define the following Major Terms:


L1 Climate Change

ð     Climate

ð     Weather

ð     Weather Systems

ð     Atmosphere (troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere)

ð     Landforms

ð     Water cycle


L2 Climate change

ð     Three spheres that play a role in weather (biosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere)

ð     Identify and label drawings of Refraction (index or refraction(n), Incident Ray, Normal, Refracted Ray, plane, medium)


L3 Climate Change

ð     5 factors that affect climate (at spheres, land masses, hydrosphere, jet streams/prevailing winds, suns energy & earth’s revolution)

ð     Seasons (Earth’s tilt vs Distance from sun)

ð     Natural greenhouse effect


L4 Climate Change

ð     Greenhouse gases (Ozone (ground level vs.  atmospheric), Water Vapor, CFCs, Methane, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide)


L5 Climate Change

ð     Anthropogenic

ð     Anthropogenic greenhouse gases &  greenhouse effect

L6 Climate Change

ð     Climate change vs. Global Warming

ð     Greenhouse Gases vs.  Ozone layer

ð     Indicators of Climate Change

L7 Climate Change

ð     Canadian Climate Change

 L8 Climate Change

ð     Carbon footprint

ð     Active transport


Lab1- Does your breathing ass gg to the atmosphere?
1. What are the three parts of the earth that influence weather?                                                         /1K


2. What allows for the earth’s global temperature to remain a constant 24C?                         /1A&  /0.5C

3. What are the major gases in the earth’s atmosphere?                                                          /1K&  /0.5C

4. Why do planes fly in the stratosphere rather than the troposphere?                                                /1A &  /0.5C

5. How do ocean currents affect weather?                                                                              /1A &  /0.5C

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