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Come on China. Stop The Animal Cruelty

There are many places around the world that partake in animal cruelty, China really is no exception.


It has come to my attention more and more over the past year, just how cruel and out of date the Chinese are.

I am not saying that this applies to all chinese but the majority of them. The way that animals are treated is astonishingly cruel and far, far past the times. The Chinese government really do need to take a step back and have a long hard look at just what they are doing. Do they not care about animal welfare at all? Have they no feelings or heart?

It is well known the way that dogs and cats are treated in china, being skinned alive as they believe the meat will taste better if this is carried out. Appalling. This is just one of many acts of animal abuse and cruelty that goes on there.

The latest news item that was bought to my attention was this I was shocked and horrified when I read this article. What do they think they are doing. 

I am beginning to wonder if it is in their genes to behave this way. I cannot for the life of me believe that his would happen if it were not genetical! 
I am not against the Chinese people overall, but the ones that act this way need taking into hand.


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