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Complaint Against Environmental Pollution

This is a sample complaint letter from a tormented citizen regarding tyre burning that causes severe environmental pollution and results in damaging health of the inhabitants.

The Chief Minister

Complaint Cell


Complaint against Environmental Pollution

Honorable Sir:

I am a tormented inhabitant of Northern Lahore – Shalamar Town near Karol bazaar, writing to draw your attention to a very grave issue which has endangered the lives of the residents.

Basically, it’s a residential area however; many small industries have been developed in this locality like steel re-rolling mills which have been causing noise and environmental pollution earlier and vexing the local community. Of late, these industrialists have started burning tyres as a fuel and this act has exposed the inhabitants to various lungs and respiratory diseases. Following are the salient points mentioned by the researchers about the hazards of burnt tyres:

·         Tyres are not designed to be burned as a fuel and contain hazardous ingredients (the rubber in tyres contains 25% extender oils derived from benzene, 25% styrene, a derivative of benzene, and 25% 1,3 butadiene. – both benzene and 1,3 butadiene are suspected human carcinogens).

·         Burning tyres releases a toxic soup of pollutants. Children are especially at risk. Hundreds of different toxic pollutants are created by burning tyres as well as a tremendous number of small particles that settle deep in the lungs. 

·         Children, fetuses, nursing babies, elderly, asthmatics, and immune suppressed individuals are all much more vulnerable to the pollutants released by burning tyres. Small particulates released by burning tyres worsen asthma and may contribute to heart disease.

·         Fine particles have been found to cause excess mortality and hospitalizations for heart disease and cancer. Fine particulates are significantly more hazardous to human health than larger particulates. Toxins collected on the surface of fine particulates are aspirated by humans and lead to lung disease.

·         Inhaling small particles containing zinc produces inflammation in the lungs. Lung damage has been documented. Asthmatics would be at particular risk from zinc exposure. There is a danger of fetal damage from zinc exposure.

·         Low levels of lead can cause mental retardation, learning disabilities and stunted growth in children if exposed for long time.

Sir I am a father of a little son who has been suffering from respiratory troubles owing to these pollutants, physician has warned me to take my son away immediately as it may lead to asthma. I am living in my parents’ home, with meager resources unable to shift to expensive localities. I request you to take serious action against this imperil tyre burning.

Looking forward to a prompt action taken by your highness to move these industries away from residential colonies and stop burning such hazardous tyres which have not been designed for burning. 

You can contact me on 03004330660 anytime regarding a visit to this area and view the pollution being caused by the emission.

I would be extremely grateful to you for considering it and taking severe action under environmental law against these industrialists.

Yours truly,

Sabir Mahmood

37- Rehmat Street 51 Shalamar Town Lahore


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