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Connecticut School Shooting

Tragedy strikes when we least expect it, and can turn our entire world upside down in an instant. The small community of Newtown in Connecticut came face to face with the reality of extreme evil today when Adam Lanza made the tragic decision to open fire on the most innocent of us all, young children.

December 14, 2012 will go down in history as one of the most tragic days that any of us could have ever imagined in our wildest dreams. While parents in the small community of Newtown, Connecticut USA went about their morning routine, it’s almost certain that they never expected that less than two hours after dropping their young children off at what is supposed to be a safe place, their school, the horror that unfolded could not have crossed their minds when they bid their precious children good-bye.

For twenty of these parents, the entire small community, and all Americans life is never going to be same because it was the last hug, cuddle or kiss that those parents would receive from their children and the news affected everyone that heard about or witnessed the shooting deeply. CNN interrupted their regularly scheduled programming to report the horrific Breaking News that an alleged heavily armed gun man who was later identified as twenty year old Adam Lanza, dressed in fatigues entered the elementary school and, opened fire on children between the ages of five to ten years old. At the end of his rampage twenty children, eight adults including his own mother who was a teacher at the same school and, himself all lay dead.

While this unfortunate tragedy is very hard to digest, what is blatantly obvious is that something was terribly wrong. What could have been his motive? why children? why? even though Connecticut has very strict gun laws, the three guns that were used to massacre those innocent children turned out to be all legally purchased, and owned by his mother Nancy Lanza.

As this tragedy continues to unfold one thing that’s certain is, people all over the world are touched, heartbroken, and outraged that once again gun violence has created a massive crime scene where the dead bodies of little children lay stone cold on the floor of Sandy Hook Elementary School. We may never fully know why twenty year old Adam Lanza made his fatal decision but we certainly will never forget those children in the tragic Connecticut school shootings whose names will be engrained into the pages of history as the worst mass shooting the USA has ever seen.

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