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Controversial Issues in America

Controversies are part and parcel of our life. Let us look into some controversial issues in America from political issues to technological issues.

Controversial Issues in America Today

Biological Weapons
One of the controversial issues in America is the making and using of biological weapons. Biological weapons are bacterias and other viruses that can injure or kill people. It is believed that America started making biological weapons after the Second World War. It is further said that these weapons were tested on American people with or without their permission. When permission was asked for, the person had not been properly informed about the side effects. These tests were also conducted on animals and plants thus endangering the environment. These experiments introduced new diseases in the country. It is also said some harmful experiments were performed in open air causing further environmental issues. This was said to be done without informing the people of the country.
Child Abuse
The rate of child abuse in America is believed to be increasing. It is believed that almost 3.5 million children are abused each year in America. According to statistics, it is believed that at least 6 children lose their lives every day due to child abuse. More than 3 of these children are under the age of 4. Shockingly, about 70% of these abused children are said to be sexually harassed by their family members. Almost 30% of these children go through teenage pregnancy. The children abused turn into predators themselves and commit heinous crimes due to the trauma faced in their childhood.

Drug Abuse & Drug Legalization
According to a survey, about 6% of the total American population takes illegal drugs. The target population is 12 years and above. Drug abuse has increased the crime rate in America. Juvenile offenders have increased due to the influence of drugs too. Street fights and gang fights are common. People want legalization of drugs as they believe that it will lead to a decrease in the number of crimes and deaths that are caused due to drugs. However, there are others who believe that legalization of drugs will lead to increase in the crime, drug abuse by youngsters increasing the violent behavior in them. This has made drug legalization one of the controversial issues in America.

Global Warming
According to statistics, United States is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases, globally. These gases have led to global warming. According to a report presented by the US Climate Change Science Program, it is said that due to the high carbon dioxide emissions there has been an increase in the forest fires and droughts. It further states that almost 60% of the animal species of the US have experienced the ill effects of the climate. The report concludes that global warming is real and man made and immediate actions are mandatory to save the environment.

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