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Corrupt No More!

What if the world was free from hell. No violence, no destruction and no attacks. Just peace!

Thinking about peace, peaceful streets and nonviolence in our schools. This seems unrealistic but just think about it; the ability to walk down the street and hear no gun shouts or mothers screaming for their battered children. No corruption in politics, politics will include justice and minimize political attacks. We wouldn’t need guns to protect ourselves and we wouldn’t need to build prison walls.

This sounds oh so sweet but are people willing to follow all of the rules? It would be so nice to have children smiling and engaging in peaceful activities. What if racism was no more? What if there was no need for abortion? The evils would be no more and the corrupt individuals would be changed for ever. Seems to far fetched, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming.

Many don’t understand why we have to suffer or witness violence. Losing children hurts so deeply but God has allowed it. Some have become angry and bitter because they lost family members to violent attacks. It’s not easy but we must have faith and continue to believe that God has that peaceful place for us. Some have chosen to engage in violent activities and their fate included death.

We all have to live this place and unfortunately there’s no heaven on earth. If we try and live right and obey God than we’ll see that place where there’s no violence, declined health, guns, corruption, lies, and deception. We must be patient and try to make positive changes while on earth. Death is promised but will we chose eternal life. Teaching our children how to respect others and remove themselves from hostile situations will help them a lot.

If they witness violence, they should me encouraged to report it. If we can minister to a child than we can reach an adult. Some people who are kind and respectful fall as well as those who are filled with deception. Focusing on the good in life will help us stay clear of the bad. Preventing war and destruction will help us get closer to that promise land.

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