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Corruption- A Burning Issue

Corruption problem.

                                  Corruption Problem

         Corruption has taken our country in its clutches so deeply

         that it has become extremely difficult to find out any solution

         at this stage. When ever efforts are made to do something to

         eradicate or whosoever makes efforts to do so, the very high

         percentage of the corrupt people, whose presence prevail every

         where in form of law makers i.e.Minister/MP/MLA at polit ical level, 

         beaurocrats at administrative level and other high status level related with

         hinder the way by one way or the other and so, the corruption

         instead of eliminating, becomes more accessible and opens doors

         for others too. Anna Hazare being aged and alongwith a few others


         has initiated such step and how he and others are  being dealt with

         and harrassed by government, we all know well. We wish them 

         success and extend full cooperation.        


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