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Crisis Point

The continued crisis in Syria.

As our political powers that be continue squawking about Assads use of chemical weapons and our commitment  to the international community to respond has manifested to the point that protest after protest has overshadowed what the other more contentions reality that is taking place right here in the United States today. The pocketbooks of everyday Americans are being systematically drained leaving so little disposable incomes that it really is jeopardizing any gains that we have supposedly seen in the economy. Supposedly seen, but not really a reality for many. As our Secretary of State and our President both in lockstep support military intervention have completely become oblivious to plight so many Americans face each day. Where millions of Americans are caught in a web of spiraling economic and financial distress. Too many really are sliding down that slippery sloop of financial devastation. This, while our most benevolent leaders of state who are now too caught up in the intrigue that is taking center stage in the Mid-East leaves more unanswered questions about our own future. 

More questions than answers have risen though! Are we being led like sheep to the slaughter? We have to remember that history is ripe with reoccurrences where populations are deceived or are caught off guard by a system, the media, that purposely draws attention away from what is lying underneath. When this nation was caught up by so much media attention that was focused on the Watergate scandal the majority of the population in the United States didn’t see what was occurring to the flow of oil back in 1974. As a consequence when so much media is focused on one entity and stirs up mass protest in which the media is very capable of, it forced out a sitting President only to face a more harsh reality. That reality was the disruption of our source of energy, which in 1974 was oil.  Today, a repeat of history only with a different variation. Yes, oil is involved. Just look at the price increase today. The volatile fluctuating price we pay at the pump is positioned to keep the inflationary trends that every thing we buy climbing. 

Need we remind the present Administration that international stability, the United States included, does not occur with military intervention but, through negotiation, compromise, a genuine understanding of different cultures and ideologies along with a unequivocal willingness to put petty differences aside and work together for a common good. With so much media attention focused on Syria has only encouraged more rhetoric spewing from the Secretary of State and the problematic posturing of the President which has only escalated and exasperated the already deteriorating conditions all through-out the Mid East.  

Even though the United States is just a little bit better off energy speaking than we were in the 1970’s any hint of disruption of oil spells price increase as we are seeing now. The problem we keep not focusing on is that the armed insurgents that started this conflict two years ago did so as a result of what occurred in Lybia and Egypt. What has transpired since that Arab Spring are countries who remain in a perpetual state of turmoil. In Syria what matters most is the ability of both factions to start to negotiate resolutions to first end the needless violence and then provide access to food and clean fresh water. What is occurring though is that the National Coalition forces refusal to ease the violent overthrow of Assad only to instigate more violent aggression that has and is still leading to too many innocent citizens being forced into refugee camps out side Syria or perishing within their own country. 

To think that military action necessities a moral victory of the United States in helping dispose of Assad only opens up another Pandora’s box. More questions have surfaced as to who really benefits when we intervene militarily? Do we the citizens of the United States reap financial gains to help stave off the every inflationary trends that keep draining our wallets? Will all those displaced Syrians gladly flow back into a stable and sound Syria afterward? Will a new regime be able to implement the needed reforms that will  improve economic conditions for all? These are just a few of many concerns that are awaiting answers, but so far no one is even attempting to consider them. 

We have to remember that the key to international stability lies not with military might but with each nations ability to eliminate hunger, prejudice, hate and intolerance. What we are witness to in Syria is a nation torn apart because too many continue to harbor hate and intolerance with an unrelenting pursuit for personal power, control, and even wealth. A corruption that is only begetting more corruption. The contentions of the United States has maintained that the Syrian governments stock pile of chemical weapons must be handed over to the International community would be of vital importance to the security of the Mid-East and eventually the security of the United States. The willingness of Russia to cooperate with the United States in aliening with us in support of the garnishment of Syrian chemical weapons is also a significant move to ease the build up of tensions. The problem is that no one is thinking about how to stabilize the ongoing insurgency that will still remain even after Assad, if he does, turn over chemical weapons to the International community. 

Meanwhile, back here in the United States our own economic conditions are continuing to be down played by all the hype of the crisis in Syria. As troubling as our economy is our leaders are so fixated on the consequences resulting from chemical weapon usage they are failing to recognize that own economy is still in very rough shape. We still have a very long way to go right here to quell the ever widening wage disparity gap that is one of the biggest issues that is keeping our whole economic system in jeopardy. Needless to say our trusted leaders of states rational seems to be one of shrugging their shoulders saying the economy is moving in the right direction. Are they too blind to see, do they look the other way or are they just oblivious to the plight still so many Americas face each and every day?  For all practical purposes the answer is yes! Our elected officials for the most part have missed the boat entirely when it comes to putting the right policies in place to secure our nation’s own economic stability. The little guy and small businesses, the backbone of America are lost in the shuffle of international diplomacy. 

But, back on the international front it is the failure to further investigate who and why chemical weapons were deployed has somehow been overshadowed by the urgency to forgo why and readily assume Assad himself purposely and willfully authorized chemical weapon usage against his sown people. For a sane person that is pretty hard to swallow. Still, our leaders have put in motion a purposely orchestrated assumption that all evidence concludes that Assad was the one who instigated retaliation using chemical weapons. That assumption has ignited a global response that is still way short of finding out the truth and urging both factions in Syria to negotiate a meaningful resolution to the ongoing conflict.  

What we should really focus on is meaningful negotiations between the National Coalition and Assad and not concentrate the international efforts on acquiring the chemical weapons. Sure, the weapons must be destroyed before they fall into other hands, but, our main focus has to be for the stability of the Mid-East and the safety for all people everywhere. To do that requires cooperation from all and that requires meaningful peaceful compromises that will produce the ability to spur economic growth and opportunity which by the way will eliminate much of the problems that start revolutions in the first place.     

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