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Cruelty to Animals

Two cases of animal abuse. Dog and hooligans. Kitten in the garden. Fortunate endings.

Why humans sometimes show incredible cruelty to animals? This is a question for mental doctors rather than common people. However it is a serious issue, which is taken seriously by States throughout the world. Today animals (pets, domestic, stray and all) are protected by laws. Besides most people in the civilized world treat well even the stray animals -mainly cast and dogs- which are ever present everywhere.

However even today cases of cruelty against animals are not unusual. Two cases, which I experienced, are notable. One regards a dog and the other a kitten. The dog case became known from the papers -and it is a serious case of hooliganism- and the kitten case is personal experience.

In a city exist two rival soccer clubs. The one has blue and white and the other black and white appearance. Sometime ago the two teams had a critical game between them. Incidents of violence are not uncommon between the fans of these teams, but what happened at that particular game is beyond imagination!

The black and white team won the game. After the final whistle of the referee the fans of both teams classed -as usual! However, some “wise boys” of the blue and white team let out their wrath on a … dog! The reason: the coat of unfortunate animal was black and white! So they dowsed it with oil and set it on fire. This was a rare exhibition of perversion by so-called sports fan. The story became known far and wide -even internationally- in the papers next day. The poor animal was found badly burned but alive. Thankfully most people have human feelings and so the dog was taken to vets who managed to save it. Then a lot of people asked to adopt it and finally the dog found a nice home in a rural area. At least the dog was eventually -as we say- “fortunate in its misfortune”!

The case of the kitten, which happened to me, is quite different in its cruelty. The poor animal -less than one month old- was buried alive in my garden. We never learned what perverted mind thought such an act of barbarism. It seems that the “deed” had been done few minutes before the arrival of my wife, who noticed some movement of the earth in the garden and called me. She was afraid that a mouse or other nasty creature was hidden there. I went to the garden, saw the earth moving and with a stick removed a lump of earth. We did not believe in our ears when we heard a week mewing. Eventually we “exhumed” a striped kitten. It defies imagination the looks of that poor creature. Probably it did not believe that it was alive!

There followed the course of action we usually followed with all stray kittens. We took it in our home, washed and cleaned it, fed ans watered it, and because it was resurrected from the dead, we named it …. Lazarus! It lived happily with us until it was adopted by a good family. So and this case as well had fortunate ending.

It is probable that many such case take place. How many of the victims are as fortunate as those two animals?

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