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Defendant Boston’s Attacks Pleads Not Guilty to All Charges

First public appearance under tight security Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old faces 30 charges for the attack on the marathon.

Handcuffed and dressed in orange prison uniform federal that found, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has entered the Boston courtroom escorted by a black gloved marshall proceeded to remove his handcuffs before the accused to sit in front of the judge. For the first time since his arrest in April, the 19-year-old accused of the bombings of the Boston Marathon has been brought to justice so that you read the 30 charges of which he is accused. His attorney, Judy Clarke, replied: “Not guilty.” The Judge Marianne Bowler has said he should be the one who answered, what do Tsarnaev proceeded with a heavy accent.

Tsarnaev heard the 30 charges against him, including murder, use of weapons of mass destruction, conspiracy and assault against a public place, without looking even once the families of the victims (three people dead, including a eight-year-and more than 260 wounded).

No visible injuries except a small cast on one hand, Tsarnaev appeared not to have a haircut since his arrest on April 19, according to the account in Twitter of journalists who have had access to the room. Playing with his uniform open and wearing a T-shirt underneath, the young Chechen origin has been rotated several times looking for the look of your family and friends-a total of ten, some of whom were crying-to smile.

Massachusetts does not have the death penalty in law but because Tsarnaev is being prosecuted under federal law can face the death penalty for his crimes

The hearing before the judge has lasted less than 10 minutes has been set as the date for a further hearing on September 23. The indictment sit on the stand between 80 and 100 witnesses, and the process will take two to three months, but will not start until probably within a year, due to the complexity of the case. Before being handcuffed again and taken out of the room, Tsarnaev has launched a kiss to his family.

The Chechen-origin young naturalized American last September, has come to the court of Boston Humvee escorted by an SUV and two other vehicles occupied by heavily armed police. His court appearance has also been made under safeguards important.

Today has been the Tsarnaev first public appearance since he was arrested on April 19, four days after the attack, when he took refuge-wounded-in a boat in the backyard of a house in the town of Watertown, where had come after a frantic chase with police that ended the life of his brother, Tamerlane Tsarnaev, 26, and alleged mastermind of the attacks. Tsarnaev also accused of the death of a policeman from MIT (the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology), in the town of Cambridge, just outside Boston.

Diecisite charges faced by the young student of Dartmouth College are susceptible of carrying the death penalty, which has not been implemented in Massachusetts in the past 66 years and was abolished in that State in 1984. But because Tsarnaev is being prosecuted under federal law can face the death penalty for their crimes. Most of the rest of the charges carry the possibility of life imprisonment. Last month, during a press conference, Attorney Carmen Ortiz said that depended on the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, or not to apply the maximum penalty.

The trial is expected to start in at least a year, since the work of preparation is huge, due to the hundreds of hours of recordings and thousands of documents and evidence that must analyze both the defense and the prosecution of the case. Tsarnaev was indicted in June of three death that caused the two bombs that ended with his brother Tamerlan supposedly in the home stretch of the Boston Marathon and the death of the agent shot MIT, Sean Collier, the night they began their flight after be identified by the FBI three days after the attack.

At the end of the tour that made ​​the caravan carrying Tsarnaev from federal prison (northeast of Boston) to the capital of Massachusetts, a dozen people called for the release of the young, who felt that the U.S. government had accused falsely low the pretext of Islamist attack to impose martial law on American citizens. A man who watched faced the group of protesters, who insulted and asked if they were aware that they had killed people.

The court which has produced the first preliminary hearing and supports Tsarnaev impressive security measures because the trial is unfolding against the head of the Irish mob in Boston, James Whitey Bulger, which began last month.

The mother of one of the victims told the media he wanted to be present in the room to see “the face of evil.” Liz Norden, whose two children lost one leg each, said to be full of anger for what happened to their children. “I want this”, he assured.

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