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Diet Cola is Poisonous??

Yes, you read it right, all these diet drinks that help you lose weight can be slowly eating away at your life!

All these nutrition scientist people just found out that the aspartame from fireants, ( that they’ve been putting in our diet cola ) is in fact poisonous. I don’t know why or how they would put this substance into our delicious cans of soda, but they have for the longest time and it’s finally coming to a stop. So if you’ve just bought a 12 pack of diet cola, or maybe a little box of splenda, THROW IT AWAY. This stuff is really bad for you! You’re probobly a fat kid sitting on the couch saying, “Well now I can’t eat all the diet foods that don’t have any sugar. What am I to do now?” Well my fine sir, I can tell you that you just need to start exercising and stop eating all of the cookies that momma just baked.

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