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Differences Between India and USA

I try to explain here the differences between India and USA in all spheres.

Differences between India & USA:

India is becoming a super power in the next decade though it is still a developing country. There are three types of countries: developed, developing and underdeveloped.

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India still has poverty but surprisingly the richest person of the world is from India. He is no other than Mr. Mukesh Ambani. Mr. Lakshmi V. Mittal, Mr. Ratan Tata, Mr. Azim Premji also are richer in the world. Moreover it seems India is going to supply arms and ammunition such as nuclear weapons to other countries. So I can compare India with USA.

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USA is an advanced & developed country. There is social security number for each person whoever enters USA. India does not have such system.

There is heavy tax deduction in USA as 33% is deducted from the salary. IRS of USA squeezes the last penny out of you. India does not deduct so much tax.

In USA, car market is like a fish market. There is heavy bargaining. Even a maid-servant also drives a car. In India only rich persons go by car.

USA is a Christian country whereas India is a secular country. In USA Quarans were burnt recently. There are 30% Muslims in India.

Some areas in USA are not stable. God creates landslides, wildfire, El Nino etc. But India is a stable country.

USA says “In God we trust” whereas India says “Truth will prevail”.

Politics is at a very high level in USA and it does not affect the common persons whereas in India common people also take part in politics.

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