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Disasters in The Workplace

Fire, bomb threats, floods and staff shortages all constitute to workplace disasters.

Safety in the workplace is of paramount importance. Many things can go wrong when dealing with workplace disasters.


Bomb threats should not be taken lightly in any situation. If the bomb threat is received verbally, the receiver should try and detain the suspect and gather more information. Switchboard should be alerted and all occupants from the building should be evacuated.


Fire is a big threat to any building. All places of work should have a fire evacuation plan. Fire extinguishers should be readily available and all employees should be trained in using a fire extinguisher and undergo fire and drill training. In the event of a fire there should be a fire alarm which goes off, and all people should be evacuated in the opposite direction of the fire. Superiors should make sure that all occupants are escorted out of the building, and people in wheelchairs and the disabled should be helped out. In the case of smoke inhalation a damp cloth should be used to cover the nose and mouth , and there person should try and crawl on all fours, and try to get closer to the floor.

Terrorist attacks

Terrorist attacks have become a big concern following 9/11. If one is faced with a terrorist attack lie flat, face down on the floor and wait for further instructions.


Go to a place of higher ground.

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