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Do I Use My Fingers or a Fork?

Do I use my fingers or a fork?


Bread – Break bread with your fingers.
Corn on the cob – use both hands to eat an ear of corn. Butter and eat only a few rows at a time.
Bacon – If the bacon is crisp, you can use your fingers. Otherwise, use a knife and fork.
Caviar – Spread it on a bite-sized piece of toast and then add condiments such as chopped onions or capers.
Celery, pickles and radishes – Remove them from the serving plate with your fingers and place them on the side of your dinner plate. Take small bites, using your fingers to bring the vegetables to your mouth.
Crabs and lobsters – Start by cracking the shell with a nutcracker and then extract the meat with a seafood fork (thats the tiny fork with three tines). If you pull out a large piece, cut it with a fork.
Olive – If the olive is pitted, eat it whole. If the olive is large and un-pitted, hold it with your fingers and eat it in small bites instead of popping it in your mouth and munching. As for the pit, kiss it into the palm of your hand then deposit it on the edge of your plate.


Potatoes – Eat the inside of a baked potato with a fork. Never mash the potato with your fork.
Spaghetti – The trick is to swirl a little on your fork into a bite-sized portion. Dangling ends will flick the sauce.
Fruits – Use a fork when the fruit is served in slices or a spoon when they’re in very small pieces. A cherry, a grape or a berry with a stem may be held with your fingers.

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