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Do You Know What’s in Your Food?

A variety of foods square measure currently genetically changed mistreatment biotechnology – these square measure referred to as weight unit foods.

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The genetic material could also be altered with ways that don’t occur naturally – a method referred to as ‘genetic engineering’. elite individual genes with specific traits square measure transferred from one organism to a different. ancient breeding are able to do similar effects, however over a way longer time span. However, ancient breeding cannot attain a similar effects employing a transferred factor from a non-related species – this is often doable with weight unit foods.

GM and plant foods

Genetic modification of food isn’t new. for hundreds of years, food crops and animals are altered through selective breeding, however, the scope for exchanging genetic material is way wider mistreatment recombinant DNA technology. In theory, recombinant DNA technology permits genetic material to be transferred across any organism, like between plants and animals. as an example, the factor from a fish that lives in terribly cold seas has been inserted into a fruit, permitting the fruit to be additional frost-tolerant. This has not so far been in deep trouble presently obtainable business food crops. issues with global climate change might also cause thought of weight unit food crops that square measure drought tolerant.  Some foods are changed to create them immune to insects and viruses and additional able to tolerate herbicides. Foods that are changed in some countries for this purpose embody corn, wheat, rice, canola, squash, potato, tomato, alfalfa and soybean. These weight unit whole foods aren’t presently obtainable in Australia. Having same this, genetically changed food ingredients square measure gift in some Australian foods, like the soybean meal in bread might have come back from foreign weight unit soybeans.  Foods certified as organic or biodynamic mustn’t contain any weight unit ingredients, in keeping with trade tips.

The risks of genetically changed crops might embody the introduction of latest allergens, antibiotic resistance, pesticide-resistant insects, cross-contamination and so far unknown health effects.

My recommendation – remember of the origin of your food and go organic whenever possible!

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