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Does Coffee Have The Same Effects in The Brain as Heroin?

The renowned neurologist Gary Wenk explained the relationship between food and mood.

The neurologist and author of “Your Brain on Food”, Gary Wenk, suggested that eating certain foods, your brain releases chemicals that produce the same effects as some known drugs.

The researcher explained that the brain does not differentiate between drugs and foods because both are metabolized into energy. “With the passage of time and the development of the food industry, the line separating the drug of food is increasingly blurred”.

He also said that the food they produce effects that are immediately consumed in high doses such as coffee, sugar or tea which are compared with drugs such as heroin, alcohol, nicotine and marijuana.

Regarding the relationship of food to the mood, said: “It showed that if consumed little tryptophan (amino acid found in eggs, dairy, cereals) we get depressed and angry more often.”

“The theobromine, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and magnesium salts have different effects on the brain. A small number of women, the combination of these ingredients are produced anger and rage, although it is normal that they generate a pleasurable effect by phenylethylamine, similar to the active ingredient of marijuana, “he said.

In addition, Wenk said that eating fatty foods improves mood as it helps control pain. But he warned about the boomerang effect: when filled with fat cells release chemicals that enter the brain and back to affect mood ending in a depression.

On the other hand, argued that foods rich in antioxidants like fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil, cinnamon, nicotine, caffeine, beer and red wine benefit, long time, the person who consumes it all protect against the brain aging.

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