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Does Having a Big Population a Disadvantage or an Advantage?

By the year 2009, around 6.8 Billion people are living in the world. Most people see the big population a big problem. But the question is “does having a large population really a big problem?

            Several countries had already tried different solutions to prevent population from growing quickly. One of them is China. Being one of the most populated countries, China has implemented the one-child policy. It aims to reduce the growth of their country’s population. But China is not the only country that prevented population from growing too fast. Several laws were passed in some countries to prevent population from growing quickly. One of which is “euthanasia”. Euthanasia, also known as mercy killing, is done to end the pain and suffering of a person with incurable disease. Euthanasia is already accepted and being implemented in some countries.

             Another law implemented to avoid population growth is the death penalty. This works like euthanasia but instead of doing it to patients with incurable diseases, it is done to convicts. Death penalty is done to those who committed serious crimes as a means of punishment. Some countries avoid population growth by using other methods instead of direct killing like euthanasia and death penalty. One of the methods they us is family planning methods. Countries encourage their countrymen to use contraceptives to prevent unexpected births. The use of contraceptives and the practice of family planning is a big issue here in the Philippines. The Church and the State are having a big debate whether the RH (Reproductive Health) Bill should be implemented or not. Actually, there is nothing wrong with using contraceptives. It is better to use them than engage in euthanasia, death penalty, abortion, etc.

                Most countries see a large population a big problem that is why they keep on trying to prevent it to grow quickly. Actually, having a large population has its advantages too. One advantage is more revenue for the Government.  The Government gets its revenues or income from the tax paid by the people. The more people a country has, the more tax is collected by the Government. Another great advantage is more manpower. A country can progress faster if it has more workers. Obviously, a country with more people could have more workers and more workers means faster progress. Now, can you answer the question does having a big population a disadvantage or an advantage?

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