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Domineering Mother’s

This article is about mother’s who display domineering characters. It will include the damaging outcome that this behavior can cause.

Mother’s are suppose to be nurturing They are suppose to protect their children. But, sometimes mother’s can be to protective and controlling. These types of behavior can cause a son or daughter to become dependent and antisocial. Many mother’s may blame this type of behavior on trying to be the protective parent but, the damage it can cause if tremendous.

A domineering mother is one that controls her child even in adulthood. She may want to be apart of her son’s of daughter’s life at all time. A domineering mother will cause difficulties in her child’s relationships because of her jealousy. She may taunt the women or man that is apart of her child’s life. With this type of behavior a man or women may not no how to deal with the hardships in life.

When a son has been raised by a domineering mother who may display abusive behaviors towards his family. He may feel angry all the time and produce rage in his everyday life. This can be quite troublesome for his wife and children. A son that has been raised by a domineering mother may long for her attention and love. He may look at her as his companion unknowingly. This is quite unhealthy.

In most cases a domineering mother was abandoned as a child and feels a need to hold on this her son or daughter for that matter. We all know that most of the time its the son that she may want to hold so near to her. This type of mother may have experienced some form of abuse while growing up. She may be resentful and filled with anger. This type of parent has control issues and would do anything to keep her son under her scrips.

It is quite sad because the son his in a hard position he may want to please his wife but in doing so he may disappoint his mother. So the wife and her children may suffer. This is sad but, something the family may have to deal with. It’s an old saying never marry a mommas boy. It is quite difficult for any women to compete with a domineering mother because she will always convince her son that she is number one in his life.

So for those who are dating a man with a domineering mother my advice to you is run! I’m serious because you’ll be setting yourself up for years and years of misery.

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