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Dreden Files Fantasy Casting: Molly Carpenter

If there’s a Dresden Files film or TV series, who would be a good actress to play Molly Carpenter’s role?

Molly Carpenter –the daughter of Michael Carpenter, the former teenage rebel whom Harry Dresden had saved from the Council’s death penalty, the wizard-apprentice who’s sensitive to magic, and a sexy woman who had showed interest in the protagonist. As a main character in Jim Butcher’s urban fantasy series, she has become one of the most dynamic characters in the Dresden Files. But if there were to be a film based on Butcher’s best works, who would be a great candidate for Molly Carpenter’s role?

Here are some potential actresses:

Kristen Bell

Carey Mulligan

Alison Scagliotti

(picture is from

Hayden Panettiere

Emma Stone

(picture is from

Amber Heard

Scarlet Johansson

(photo from

Lexi Belle

(photo from

Ashley Tisdale

Emma Watson – Who would win in a duel? Hermione Granger or Molly Carpenter? I guess it wouldn’t matter as long as Emma Watson is there. I could definitely see Emma Watson playing the role of Molly well; She’s a great actress.

There are a lot of potential actresses for Molly’s character, and I’m sure seeing her alive on screen would be so awesome, but for now, all the Dresden Files fans could do is dream. Hopefully in the future, the Dresden Files would be adapted into a film or a television series unlike the one Scyfy channel had (That adaptation was horrible!)

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