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E3 2013: Passion for DRM Protection for New Consoles Ps4 and Xbox One

It is already known that neither Microsoft, nor, Sony will not charge a fee for buying and selling used disk.

E3 2013: Passion for DRM protection for new consoles PS4 and Xbox One

Although this applies only to games released in companies controlled by the studios, which means publishers releasing games for consoles will be free to decide such questions about their projects.

What will happen next is unclear, although the pressure of playing Community Hospital can not be discounted.

The other day, the executive director of the “EA” said that “this issue was not raised until even the domestic debate,” even though the situation with the cancellation of “Online Pass” hinted to expect a “substitute” in the form of the coming of the DRM system on the new consoles. “We canceled the Online Pass. I was at the meeting. It does not resonate with consumers and was not user-friendly,” says Moore. “It was a mistake. Feedback from customers has sent our solutions in a good direction, so let’s forget about it.”

However, despite the fact that direct answer is still no – “We will discuss it next week and face it. Necessary to analyze the information from our retail partners to find out what people think and say.”

The hope of easing the pressure DRM is still there: “The position of EA with respect to the used game market is focused on the point of view of users and gamers,” said at a meeting of investors in the E3 president, Gibo Frank (Frank Gibeau). “We have a positive view on the market for used games

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