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Eastern Principles in a Western Culture

How Eastern Principle are viewed in a Western Culture.

Throughout the centuries, eastern philosophers and holy men (Priests) have been revered through the Eastern world.  Men like Ghandi, Confucious, and Shoulin.  Now, in the modern (Western) world, there word is either taken literally or brushed off as nonsense.  Nostradamus said the world would end in 2012, however, he did not say how.  We, as a race, can decide whether he is correct or not.  We not only have the power to destroy ourselves, but the power to save ourselves as well.

Eastern Philosophy teaches us how to become at peace with each other, as well as, at peace with nature.  Think of the Earth as a living Entity, a Being as youi will.  It is getting angry at how we’re treating it.  Destroying it’s forests, endangering species, experimenting on not only animals, but ourselves as well.  Now, over the past decade, look at all the earthquakes that are coming about, all the hurricanes with massive destruction in their wake (i.e. Katrina), all the volcanoes erupting after centuries of lying dormant.  Yes, we are destroying ourselves, but mostly because we are destroying nature.

If we all practiced Eastern Principle, we might get along better.  No more wars, famine, unnatural deaths.  Herbal medicing, from the East, as well as, from Native Americans have been proven to work better than most modern medicines.  That is because these cultures are closer to nature and feel no need for dominance.  The just want to exist in peace, and let evolution take its course.

Peace is what we’re all after, but somewhere along the timeline, we got off track and began believing that force is the only way to get peace.  We all have to live together and share the same planet, so why can’t we do it in peace.  Buddhists believe in reincarnation, but why would we want to come into the next life if it turns out worst than the one we left behind?

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