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Famous But Once Homeless: Danny Bonaduce

Ted Williams has been made famous simply by being homeless with a “god-given” talent, but it turns out, it’s not all that rare for famous people to have homelessness in their history.

Danny Bonaduce

Occupation: Actor, Radio-show Host

Birthday: August 13, 1959

Birthplace: Broomall, PA

Claim to Fame: Danny Partridge

Where he stayed: In his car

Reason: Broke

Danny Bonaduce got his initial claim to fame as a child actor playing Danny Partridge in the early 70s series The Partridge Family. After the series finished in 1974, however, Danny fell into a lifestyle of drug and alcohol addiction.

Bonaduce had several failed marriages and evidently struggled to find work at times, doing some TV talk shows in the 1990s until he seemed to find a place in radio. In 1997, Bonaduce related to his audience how he had lived in his car behind Grauman’s Chinese Theatre while being greeted by fans and autograph seekers.

Bonaduce’s homelessness is different from many of the stories I have compiled, in that his homelessness seems to have come after his initial success.

Today, Danny Bonaduce continues in the radio business. He currently works in Philadelphia, hosting the morning drive at WYSP.

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