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Famous Stoners You Didn’t Know About!

Lots of American actors smoke weed, but I bet you didn’t know these people did.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Yes, Arnold used to smoke the reefer, he is actually on video smoking a joint, in a classic 70’s documentary the terminator is shown toking it up. Arnold hasn’t been smoking since he was elected, but he did preside over California’s recent Medical Marijuana renaissance, now-a-days if you have a script you can buy the finest weed in America and even grow it in your house…. Damn! lucky cancer patients…

Kirsten Dunst
The girl from “Bring It On” tokes? Yup she does, she even admitted she smokes weed “America’s view on weed is ridiculous, and the world would be a better place if  everyone smoked weed.”  says Kirsten, well that sure sounds like something a stoner would say.

Brad Pitt
Yes, pretty boy (okay down right sexy) Brad Pitt smokes weed. It’s been reported that Pitt smokes on set and off set. He has been seen many times wearing t-shirts professing his love for Mary Jane (see above image).

Jenifer Aniston
Sure, she plays a pothead on that movie “Friends With Money”, but I bet you didn’t know she smokes in real life. Yes, Rachel from Friends tokes. Hell, she even toked with Brad Pitt, well, when they were together.

George Clooney
The original Dr. Sexy M.D. smokes weed. While shooting for “Oceans Eleven” in Amsterdam, the owner of a local coffee shop (now we all know what they sell in coffee shops over there) said Mr. Clooney was no stranger to their fine establishment. I wonder if George and Brad ever smoked together? I would’ve loves to be there, and no other woman can disagree.

Morgan Feeman
Yes, that right Mr. Freeman who plays, well what role hasn’t he played God, the president, a prisoner, and everything in between. Whelp that’s right he smokes the ganja, and still does to this day, he said he quite all other drugs, but will never break up Mary Jane!

Stephen King
The best horror novelist of all times smokes pot. Well, that’s kinda odveous how could he write such amazing book without a little inspiration from the green giant.

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