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Farrah Abraham Arrested for Dui!?

Is is true?

On March 18, the 21 year old Nebraska momtrepreneur was arrested for driving under the influence. TMZ reports that she was pulled over at about 1 am after making a wide turn and almost HITTING A POLICE OFFICER! Her Blood Alcohol level showed results of .147 which is almost DOUBLE the legal limit. Sophia WAS NOT with Farrah at the time of her arrest. While taking a ride in the back seat of the cruiser, Farrah “sat banging her head against the window while yelling and screaming”. She also tried walking away from the officers before they placed handcuffs on her. And then once she arrived at the station to be booked, she BIT THE BREATHALYZER 3 TIMES and the officers couldn’t get an accurate reading. So, they had to give her a different BAC test and it showed results of .147.

She admitted to having an alcohol problem in My Teenage Dream Ended. She wrote,

“I drank way too much, so much that I had blurred double vision. I found myself in a truck, making out with some boy and calling him Derek. He was going below the belt and I started yelling, ‘Let’s have sex!’…I don’t even remember getting home that night.”

This report HAS NOT been confirmed by Farrah but, TMZ claims to have pulled her arrest record from that night. Earlier yesterday, Farrah tweeted,

“:It’s Amazing what people believe & makeup (LOVE MY LIFE) #Thank #God #I’mSuccessful & I don’t care about drama! #HaveAGreatDay”

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