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Four Reasons Why We Should Have The Death Penalty in The US

This debate has been going on for a while; however, those of us that approve of the death penalty should never tire from our goal of making it legal.

   The question of whether a person should be executed should be directed to the victim’s family because they have the right to make the decision considering they are the ones who have lost the most. We listen to all theses groups who have nothing lost in the matter. We are asking the wrong people! Since we do not have anyone to ask, though, I will give you my thoughts about this matter and tell you three reasons why we should keep the death penalty in the United States:

   1) The Victim! They cannot speak and because of that, the convicted should be silenced as well! I only believe in one reason to kill another person and that is self defense that is justifiable and proven in a court of law. Also along those lines, before an execution is carried out, the case has to be proven and made sure there are no mistakes because you obviously don’t want to execute the wrong person. The victim is gone and anything other than death for the convicted is unfair to the victim. We are placing value on the victim’s life when we do anything other than sentence that person to death. Life=life and death does not equal life, but rather death=death. If I give you five dollars and you give me four in return, you cheated me and if I take your life and you give me life in return, you have cheated me.

   2) The other convicted criminals who paid with their life! There have been many people executed for their crimes in America’s history and by banning the death penalty, you are being unfair to the ones already executed. We have already set precedence and we have let the ACLU and other groups come in and tell us how to run our legal system. I am so much for the death penalty, which it should be legalized in every state and that way, if you commit a murder, you know your penalty in advance. Very simple: you kill, you die!

   3) The prisoners that are in prison for crimes other than murder! If I rob a bank and get sentenced to forty years and you put me into a cell block with a man who has life, what would stop him from not messing with me? Misery loves company and I have heard of stories where a lifer and a guy with three years were in the same cell block and the lifer stabbed the short timer because he had less time than the lifer. That has been a problem in many facilities.

   4) Possible escape! Escape is possible and lifers have escaped in the past. If they were executed, they could not escape and would provide one hundred percent closure. If my brother is killed and his sentence is life, I would always wonder if he would escape and come and kill me. If he is executed, there is no wondering!

   The death penalty is reserved, in my mind, for people that murder another person! Not serial killers, but one murder. Self defense would be the only exception, but other than that, how can anyone ban the death penalty and then call that justice. All the cute quotes given for banning the death penalty never explain the value of the victim’s life. The family of the victim is the only ones qualified to speak for the victim and ultimately, they should decide; however, since that will never be placed into law, it is better to keep the death penalty and serve justice.

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