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Free Copy of Tomb Raider

So how can I word this so it doesn’t sound fake or like a scam..?
Well I can’t, but I can tell you this…its not a scam and its not fake! I wouldn’t waste my time trying to play a joke on you.

SO lets get you on your way to getting your free disk of Tomb Raider when it comes out!

This probably isn’t the first website, blog, article, or anything that you have searched for, Tomb Raider for Free! and there’s probably a reason for that. right? well im guessing you didn’t think that the website was real, or that they were trying to scam you, or they actually were a legit website and you just missed out on it! well i say this because this opportunity that im giving you is defiantly not one that you want to miss out on! With that said, why don’t you stick around for awhile and hear what i have to say!

So the website that you will be using is working with amazon is such a royal website. It would never team up with a website that try’s to scam you. They would get there reputation sent down the drain and they would not benefit from it at all. Amazons main goal is to help out the costumer. Which is another reason why the website im telling you about, truly is real. And you will find that out right when you sign up. They are going to give you 250 points which is equal to $2.50 and can be used to buy something little so that you will learn that the site is real.

Now if you are still here then im happy to inform you that you are 1 step closer to playing with a Hot Chick!

Okay so what you are going to do is click the link i give you. the website will be where you can get will. So come on over and get it now, for free!


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