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Free Government Supported Cell Phone

We are living in very tough economic times and every little bit helps. Financially struggling people with low income may be eligible for a free government supported cell phone.

There are several companies publicizing the free cell phone program. The federally funded program dates back to the 1980’s. It’s called Lifeline. It was created to help low income citizens in obtaining affordable and dependable land line phone rates. With the popularity and wide availability of cell phones, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently gave it’s approval for the funds to also include cell phones and service.

A few of the companies accepting applications to receive a free cell phone and free monthly minutes are, SafeLink Wireless, Virgin Mobile, and ReachOut Wireless.

To get a free cell phone and free monthly cell phone minutes your total household income must be at or below the poverty line. The exact amount depends on which state you live in. If the applicant is already receiving any form of government assistance such as food stamps, SSI, etc., they will probably qualify for the program.

To begin the application process for the free government supported cell phone with free minutes, applicants can call a toll free number, apply online, or print off and mail/ fax an application. The applicant will be asked to provide proof of income. The process usually takes about a week.

The program of the three companies I mentioned above varies a little bit, but for the most part they are the same. For more information see their websites. 

SafeLink Wireless:

Virgin Mobile:

ReachOut Wireless:

Here are some informational videos regarding the free government supported cell phone programs. 

SafeLink Wireless:

Virgin Mobile’s Assurance Wireless: 

ReachOut Wireless: 


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