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Freeloaders in The USA!

Why work when you can hold out a cup and get paid? Do people who beg for money really need it?

Whatever happened to working hard for the money? Of course there are lots of people out there that still do, but what about the “freeloaders”? You know, those people that sit on the street with a cup and a cardboard sign that says something like “Anything will help” or “Will work for food”.  Many of these people have recently lost their jobs and their homes but many of them are just panhandlers and freeloaders who have realized that they can make more money sitting around begging for money than actually going out and getting a job.

I remember a woman that used to sit around the local supermarket when I was a teenager.  I would see her every day with her cup and watch while people walked by.  Lots of people ignored her and went on their way but some would stop and give her change while others would give her food.  One day my mother stopped and started a conversation with the woman and asked her why she didn’t try to make her life better and go get a job? Her answer was “It’s too hard”.  Several years later that same woman was still sitting in that spot asking for money.

I used to feel bad for people that would sit and ask for money.  I could only imagine how hard their life was and how they must have felt to lose everything.  For years I would stop and give money because I thought I was helping them and then someone told me that most of these people did this full time as a job.  I was told that most of these people actually had homes and real jobs and made more money than I did just by sitting there asking for money.  Of course I was appalled by the idea that these people were using me and others that felt sorry for them.  Many of these people sit there and wait for people like me to walk by and hand them some money and then they get up and go home and count the money that all the “suckers” gave them.

The truth is that no one really wants to work hard and it would be easier to just sit there and beg for money but most of us wouldn’t even think of doing that.  It’s sad to think that there are tons of people out there that truly have lost everything and have no other choice but because of freeloaders it’s hard to tell who is truly needy from who is just begging because it’s easier than working. 

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