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Gangs in America

This is a horrible way of pushing anger aside or keeping in feelings and letting them out on other "gangs" when everyone has no good reason to hurt each other.

Alright, well honestly, no im not in a gang and no i havent been in, wanted to be in, or thought about being in a gang.  You can say what you want but honestly, gangs are a bunch of people who dont know what to do with their anger and frustration that take it out on other people.  Gangs consist of people who have somthing in common.  Wether it be race, skin color, religions and beliefs, or people that think they have to get back at the world because they didn’t get “equality.”  Honestly, you can be the biggest, baddest dude out there, but nomatter what its not gunna last long, u can be big and fight off 2 mayb 3 people at a time.  But, what happens when its 10 or 20 scoping out for you waiting for you to make one wronge move or one wrong turn and then an instant your life hangs in the balance.  I’ve actually experience sum emotional pain from gangs, my best friend since i was 6 decided to join a gang, first week in gang fight happens . . . never heard from him again.  So in all dont join gangs cause u think there “cool” or you got built up anger.  Just sit back and think to urself, “Is all this anger worth risking my life?”

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