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Gay Marriage and Why It Shouldn’t be Included in The Constitution

An article stating why gay marriage should not be covered in the United States Constitution.

This is kind of a hot topic at the moment with more and more States allowing gay marriage everyone is really either pissed off or ecstatic, but this topic should not be! It is entirely ridiculous that you forget the very foundations on this country is built. That is the constitution.

When you ask people of there opinion on this topic there will normally be an awkward silence. In this they are normally contemplating on what the world will think of them depending on their opinion, and how to voice their opinion. Depending on what kind of person they are they will also want to make a point. So they are also thinking about how obnoxious and in your face, but no matter what their answer is; they are wrong.

The whole debate violates not one, but two entries in the United States Constitution. The first one it violates is the first amendment. You know where it goes “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” it is also more commonly known as separation of church and state. It is wildly inappropriate that the big “politician” goes up on the stage and states “I am of this religion and the BIBLE says the marriage should be between a MAN and a WOMAN.” This is just about the first thing you will ever hear when a politician or anyone in fact tries to justify there opinion, but the fact of the matter is that by American beliefs. Religion has no place in our or anyone’s government, and that should not even have to be brought up.

One other constitution violation is the freedom of religion, and the fact that the debate would so much as even push the boundaries on this is very sad because it is the very idea that that the pilgrims came over for. I’m going to go back to the statement that I quoted a paragraph ago. The first part of this was “I am of this religion.” I find this odd. In the bill of rights it clearly states FREEDOM of religion. It shouldn’t matter what religion you are. Come on, lets keep this strictly political people don’t bring religion into this.You may be of “our” religion but the neighbors across the street may not be. So when you are trying to speak for this country as a whole try to keep everyone in mind.

I would just like to make it clear that I did not in any way mean to disrespect anyone or their beliefs.

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