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Gender Bias in India

Gender division does not mean the biological differences between men and women.It refers to the unequal roles assigned by the society to men and women.

Gender division does not mean the biological differences between men and women.It refers to the unequal roles assigned by the society to men and women.The main responsibility of women is believe that she should perform home work and often being married one should bring up her children.This is reflected in the sexual labour in most families in India.Women do all the work inside the house such as cooking,cleaning,washing clothes,tailoring ,looking after children and men do work outside the home.It is not that men cannot do housework,they simply think that it is for women to attend to these things.In Indian society the works  of women are not valued and does not get recognition.For example in rural areas and forest regions they fetch water and collect fuel in villages.Sometimes they work in the fields.They often go out and take up paid jobs in different companies,officials,schools,hospitals etc.But most of the people in India do not give proper importance or value and don’t recognize them as partner of society.The result of this division of labour is that women have been confined to the private domain of family while the public domain has been monopolised by the men.although women constitute half of the humanity their role in public life especially politics is minimal in most societies.Earlier only men were allowed to participate in public affairs,vote and contest for public offices.Gradually gender issues was raised in politics.In India women still lag much behind men despite some improvement since independence.It is still male dominated patriarchal society.The literacy rate among women is only 54% compared with 76% for men.Similarly a smaller proportion of girl students go for higher education.The drop out rate for girls are much higher than for the boys.No wonder the proportion of women among the highly paid and valued jobs is still very small.On an average Indian woman works one hour more than an average man every day.Yet much of her work is not paid and therefore not valued. In many Indian families sons are preferred over girls.They find ways to abort the girl foetus.This is led to decline in child sex-ratio in the country to merely 933.Further this ratio has fallen below 850 or even 800 in some states of India.Everyday there are news of harassment,exploitation and violence against women.Women suffer domestic violence even within the confines of their homes.

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  1. Taryn

    On October 19, 2009 at 11:32 am

    This is just sickening to hear. Those poor women. Any men who honestly think women deserve to be treated this way are either ignorant or undereducated. They should know that is was once a women who held their helpless pathetic lives in her hands. Maybe women there should think twice about aborting the Females and start aborting the males who will eventually supress them. when you think about it, Women really do hold all the power in this life. After all, it is up to a woman to see that anyone makes it in to this world at all.

  2. diamondpoet

    On October 19, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    That is very sad, I could not live in your country, I do believe in being submissive to my spouse, but I hate being ignored.

  3. Raja

    On November 13, 2009 at 4:33 am

    Great article. Brought out the true face of India.

  4. Mudiappan.M

    On June 15, 2010 at 10:29 am

    the article depicts the real picture of the indian rural gender bias ans discrimination. it is not only incident but it is a ideological massacre on the wemen folk who are the better half of men

  5. Humera Nazir

    On January 25, 2011 at 2:23 am

    Gender Bias is very serious problem and is prevailing in India as here even if women are on high posts,educated,qualified still she has to manage all household chores and men do not support or help her out .
    We need to empower her regarding her home to share her work with men folk as now if she can manage office as well as her home why men only are doing the same work .Women nowadays are loaded with more responsibility and men’s responsibilities are less.
    If we say they are same they should work equally sharing their work.IT’S NOT GOOD WE PUT MORE LOAD ON WOMEN AND MERELY SAY THAT SHE IS EMPOWERED BY WORKING BOTH AT HOME AND OUTSIDE HER HOME.

  6. tia

    On March 20, 2011 at 10:07 am

    India is really disgusting! And how do i know that????????????
    Its because i live(i don’t think that i live;i actually die,every day!)here.I’m honestly ashamed to be born as an Indian.I so wish i could go out of this country!

    Indians blame Muslims and Christians for inter-caste,inter-religious marriages,gay couples,modernity,etc.because they believe all these things are “bad”.Indians think they are “superior” to Pakistan,Afghanistan,Sri Lanka and each and every country in the world including the US and the UK! Indians don’t consider gender bias wrong…they rather believe its the “correct thing”.All Indian TV shows,commercials and films “teach” girls to “worship” their husbands,even if they are druggies,liars,rapi*ts,or @ssholes,etc.

    Indians have a lot of ego and pride(false pride rather).They believe that people in the west have no culture.and they also think that Muslims have “very bad culture”.Its because they NEVER look inside their own culture which is the worst in the world!

    India will NEVER be a DEVELOPED COUNTRY because it HATES GIRLS!!!!!!!!

  7. Anila

    On March 28, 2011 at 5:54 am

    men also victims of gender biased nature in many ways.
    it is like men have no rights but only responsibilites.
    and slavery to family .

  8. Kir

    On January 15, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    Gender bias is unfortunately a really big problem in many states and cities in India, this however, does not mean it is a problem in EVERY city/state in India. Many people also have the misconception that it is only the men that are against having females. In many cases, women are the ones that are all for having sons rather than daughters. Also, not only is it some of the undereducated and very traditional Indians that practice this gender bias, it is some of the very wealthy as well. So the people saying “i could not live in your country” and “india sucks” , maybe you should be a little less closed-minded and educate yourselves a little more about the issues at hand and realize that not the ENTIRE India is at fault and not only the men. India is a beautiful country and some of the most amazing cultures, religions, and traditions. Hopefully one day soon the correct measures are taken and gender bias is at the bottom of their many problems that need to be handled.

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