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God Does Not Exist in Communist China

Stop the flow of foreign currency into Red China. Stop buying products made by brutalized slaves in forced- labor camps.

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Frightened of losing power to religious groups and meditation movements in the People’s Republic of China. The officially atheist* (*God does not exist) ruling Communist Party uses physical torture, psychiatric torture, rape, sexual assault, slave-labor and murder, as weapons against individual (defenceless) members of ‘illegal’ religious groups and the (70-million – 100-million strong) Felun Gong meditation movement.


Dealing with the devil

Why has the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and U.S. State Department failed to censure Red China and, e.g., restrict the country’s access to U.S. capital markets? Is it due to (U.S.) indebtedness?


Stop buying products made in Red China

*Unsanitary ’sanitized’ chopsticks and ‘watermelon seed (’snacks*’) covered with slaves’ blood and pus.’


Impose sanctions and embargoes

To stop the flow of foreign currency into Red China. The outside world needs to stop importing or buying any item or *product made in this country for (at least) 60 days – starting now!

Oust the CCP

Members of the religious groups and meditation movements, in question, need to amalgamate and stage mass demonstrations* (*in Red China and around the world – in full view of the international community) and demand a change in this country’s governance and government policy.


As this kind of (God-less) behavior – on the part of the CCP (or any other so-called ‘ruling party’) – is not lawfulness, but lawlessness! And no decent, civilized human-being can turn a blind-eye or deaf-ear to the atrocities, human-rights abuses, enforced abortions, harvesting (and sale) of organs* (*taken from live victims?) and murders being committed by (agents of) this evil regime any longer.

Every civilized person on the planet needs to raise the issue; speak out against it and do everything in their power to put an end to it!

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  1. ImKarn23

    On December 30, 2011 at 8:03 am

    OMG..Well done! While we are all aware of the atrocities that continue in communist countries (and others) – it has become almost impossible to NOT buy anything \’made in china\’ as the governments are irrevocably joined. Greed makes for strange bedfellows…

  2. ACLinn

    On December 30, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    OMG .. You are right, ImKarn23. PS: I believe I have worked out the meaning of your Triond user-name. Possible zodiac sign, birth-date and year of birth? Not difficult really . . . simply a matter of insight and especially as all the clues are there. Thank you for your comment. I believe 2012 is going to be a year of reckoning – a final sorting of the wheat from the chaff? We’ll see. PPS: would prefer to communicate with you privately and may be reached at: Thank you once again.

  3. ACLinn

    On December 30, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    Call me naive, or a babe in the woods. But I was given to believe that dominion (and not domination) over this (unspeakably beautiful, living) planet was given (equally) to ALL human-beings; men, women and children. And not to any self-appointed; select or chosen (possibly, morally-corrupt) few?
    And, yes, in the face of all the insincere and uncaring members of the human race – who neither love their neighbors, as they love themselves, or know they are inexorably linked to every other living being on this planet (and the planet itself).
    I want my individual (sincere, responsible and caring) dominion back!
    Ever heard of the \”power of one for good?\” Yes? Well, that\’s you and that\’s me. And true love is the \”forgetting of self.\” Agreed?

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