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Grotesque Story: Baby Raped by Dad

Grotesque story: baby raped by dad.

I couldn’t believe my own eyes when I was going through a medical pediatrics text book and found a photo of a child who was anal raped by the dad. The baby was about one year old. The baby was African American. It was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t know of anyone in this world who can rape a one year old baby who can’t even talk or walk. If it was a hot adult girl, there would be a reason but to rape your one year old kid is a monstrous act. It was put in the abuse pediatric children atlas. I thought that the dad should be jail or sent to hail for this and I hoped that they caught him but it sure shed some light into other people’s problems. There are really sick people out there.

I browsed thought the entire textbook and saw nothing but photos of babies under 5 years old, all bruised up and dead. It was sad when they died too. This was a textbook for medical students. However, it raised some awareness for me because I’ve seen such a thing before. I’ve heard of rape for older females or at least 12 years old and above but nothing from a one year old who couldn’t even talk or walk yet and it was anal rape too so it was really sick for me to look at. What was even uglier was when I saw about ten pages of photos of babies under 2 years old who were raped anally by their dad or the boyfriends. So this tells us to watch out for our babies when there is a step-dad or boyfriend around or someone on drugs. I bet they were committed by people either on drugs or mentally ill.

I was once in this position. I had a crazy family, who were very abusive. There were all sorts of problems so I really know that these things are also prevalent in other families. However, it believes that it’s the responsibility of the mother to take care of her babies and she needs to assess her babies daily for sexual assault or abuse problems. I also think that when these babies are admitted to the hospital, social workers and nurses should keep the baby if they found them unstable in an unstable home with a lot of abuse. I’ve seen all sorts of abuse while I worked in the pediatrics department in a hospital. When you see this in real life, you can also report them to the police or to social services. Social services can take them in and give them shelter. There is shelter for kids underage. They don’t have to live in an abusive home. I’m sure you can spot it around you. Perhaps, it even exists in your own home.

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