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Have Republicans Finally Overstepped Themselves?

Republican leaders are advancing a proposal which would allow any employer to deny coverage for any reason.

   We all paid attention to the “attack” the Republicans claimed there was on Religious freedom due to the preventative care bill Obama worked to push through. By now I am sure many of us have heard about the Contraception Hearing on Capital Hill held by Chairman Darrell Issa, in which women were not allowed to speak for themselves on the issue. How many of you have heard about the Republican leaders in states like Virginia mandating that a woman undergo invasive procedures before being allowed to exercise their reproductive rights? Not many of you right? It’s one of the many things that the Republicans have been trying to keep under wraps. Their latest stunt though, I feel has to be called into EXTREME question.

   Right now, Under the Guise of “Protecting Religious Liberty” the Republican leaders are trying to advance a proposal that would allow ANY employer to deny coverage for ANY preventive service on the basis of Moral Beliefs. There are many problems with this. Not the least of which is that the passing of any law of any type based around Religion is going to alienate someones religious beliefs. There is absolutely NOTHING that can be done about that. Too many people across too many varieties of religions have too many varying views on what their religion entails. It’s highly doubtful that any politician anywhere can tell you how many religions are practiced in America, much less what percent of the population practices what religion.

   In all seriousness however, the Republican plan would not be just restricting birth control, it would also mean that the owner of a restaurant could deny HIV medication, simply by claiming to be anti-gay. A lot of people are probably wondering what being gay and HIV positive have in common and it’s honestly a rumor that was started and propagated by many a Christian right after HIV started to spread. They of course blamed in directly on the Gays in an attempt to further alienate them. Back to the original topic however. This proposal would also allow the owner of a factory to deny coverage for mental health drugs because he or she doesn’t “believe in mental illness.” To take it one step even further and show you how serious this is, If your employer doesn’t want to pay for vaccinations, all he or she needs to say is “use of vaccines violates my religion.” Yes, this amendment would be that bad!

   All of this started as we know over Obama demanding that employers of ALL types give adequate contraceptive coverage to their female employees.  According to a study done by the Guttmacher Institute 99% of sexually active women (this includes Catholics and Christians of all types) have use contraception at some point in their lives. Republicans however ignored the study. Instead they claimed Obama was starting a “war on religion.” Now there is a war in full swing, but its the Republicans seeking to subjugate people, mainly women. The final straw was the Contraceptive Hearing on Capital Hill in which women were not allowed to voice their opinions! Who knows a woman’s body better than a woman? And now they are not allowed to speak about it themselves?

   It is being asked that you take the time to write to your local Senator and voice your opinion against this new amendment. This doesn’t just affect women, it affects everyone across the board. Take the time, and write your local Senator by clicking here.

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