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Head and Tail Game

Why is this good or why is this bad? You can get answers about it.

Head and Tail games are all over the internet

They offer a huge earn if you win.
I saw 210%-300%. That means if you bet $2 you can win $4.2-$6. It’s better, than the average 200%.

They use LibertyReserve, an online bank. LibertyReserve is very safe.
There is no sending fee, just receiving, it’s often $0.01.

They offer Referral comission. It’s often 10%-20%. I saw a page with 40% but I don’t know that’s true or not.
So, if you refer somebody to play. You will get his/her bet’s 20% in this situation (image). So if he/she bets $1, you will get $0.2 to your LibertyReserve, instantly. They can win or lose, you will get that money.


A page says: “If you win and last 2 digit of your batch are the same as the second one you’ll win JACKPOT”
For this, you have to bet at least $4. 
There is always a Batch number which is generated by LibertyReserve and if you’re lucky, you can win that jackpot too.

It’s like red and black game in roulette but I think you have more chance in this game and here you can win more money. (210%-300%)

Liked it
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