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Hemp Houses: Extravagant and Environmentally Friendly Creations

A brief view of the amazing benefits of hemp houses and why we have to import the materials, raising the costs.

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From the amazingly bizarre to the luxuriously elegant hemp homes are the best choice for environmentally and health conscious people. Thrifty people also can become very attracted to hemp homes. Hemp homes are known for their non-toxic qualities as well as energy savings and the not-so-heavyweight total cost to build. Hempcrete is the name of the building material based in the industrial hemp plant. Those are only the basic facts of a hemp home not counting the endless possibilities of art and design that can be built into the home.

Push Design is the company that designed and built the very first hemp home in the United States in Ashville, North Carolina for a family concerned with the sensitive health issues in the summer of 2010. Hemp Technologies made the mixture of ground up hemp stalks, lime, and water that makes up the building substance called Hempcrete.

Advocates say that not only is the material used to build hemp homes non-toxic but also are mildew-resistant, pest-free, flame-resistant, absorbs carbon dioxide, and puts nitrogen back into the soil. That is a mouth full and advocates are not finished talking about hemp homes with only those statements.  ”There is a growing interest in less toxic building materials,” says Peter Ashley, director of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control. “The potential health benefits are significant,” he says, citing a recent study of a Seattle public housing complex that saw residents’ health improve after their homes got a green makeover.

The U.S. government does not take the correct approach health-wise to studying harmful chemicals in homes such as asbestos, formaldehyde, lead, and arsenic among other toxins in homes. The steps are taken only after people get sick from these chemicals. I strongly propose that our government take preventative steps instead of steps after the fact to find the source of illness in American homes. It is a growing problem today and an expensive one. Health issues are on the front table of debate in many state and local governments which are also being discussed on a federal level. Looking into hemp homes for our basic building standard would be a great solution for this serious problem. After all, if someone gets ill, then they seek to be cured from it but what if the cause of the illness, and sometimes death, is their own home? That is a huge problem to face and one most Americans cannot rectify in this failing economy. The current building system is environmentally based to an extent; however it does not focus or even take into account health issues. This problem has to be fixed. Now.

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