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Horoscop Scorpion 2013

Scorpio Horoscope 2013 – General.


For the next 2 ½ years of your life will feel some changes pretty strong. First of all structures in your life will change significantly but this will not be without warning, it will be more like the conclusion of a situation. During this period, certain things are done or how you operate will change. It’s like you realize that you have to make some changes because things were not as functionaeaza. What you do now will have consequences over 14 years. Sometimes it’s relationship with superiors or authority restricts your freedom in some way or you can not get what you want. The danger that comes with this is the fact that the enormous energy that emits your Ascendant is restricted by Saturn. This can lead to suppression Plutonian influence that can erupt, explosive or violent. If you feel restricted, burdened, change your approach. Try to find new ways to solve situations where you smash.

In the second half of the year your influence on others is powerful and you can perform more easily and without resistance. Please do not become egocentric and analyze why you do the things you do, because you have a strong desire for reform, sometimes for no apparent reason, reasons are deep in your subconscious. Watch your need for control. It is better to think of the needs of those around you. If you are in a situation where policies or circumstances change in your life to better serve you your goals, think they affects others in a negative way and redundant, and the opposition and insurrection are abundant in the future. Under this influence you make positive changes in your social life and personal. But the most important question you need to ask yourself is “what name I want to change these things?” You have to realize that during this transit is very easy to maifesti your power and make changes. Energies tend to flow in directions that you desire presenting you opportunities to take control in some way. But you have to be motivated by something more powerful than your personal ambition, even if it is favored now. But if this power is directed egos and personal’ll have problems later and the results will be needed. You will need to find a balance. You have to admit that benefit more when you can associate your interests with the people who work or live. In some way you have to follow the collective interests not only personal achievements.
Scorpio Horoscope 2013 – service:

Periods related to the career service this year can be defined as follows:

    the beginning of the year until February 2 when your position at work can be challenged by others and / or can have some conflicts with superiors who oppose some of your actions;
    of 2 February and 12 March is appreciated but your creativity may be necessary to make some choices between the desire to spend more time and need to dedicate yourself to advance undeplinirii tasks, possible competition for employment a position;
    from 12 March to 20 April in the workplace can start a new project of a more aggressive and independent, potential conflicts with colleagues;
    from April 21 until May 31 the focus is on social relationships, collaboration and partnership, is a good time to start work on this;
    between June 1 and July 13 beware of a possible financial control, others are watching you and you can cause damage;
    between 14 July and 28 august are more concerned with situations related to work ethics, morality and principles. Any problems in this area you revolt and take a stand even if it is not in your favor;
    between August 29 and October 15 your desire to obtain a more significant is increased, you tend to challenge authority but others are praised for boldness, courage and initiative;
    between October 16 and December 8 need for freedom at work is higher, in the groups are seen as a leader but others may try to provoke you;
    by the end it is best to not try to stand out and are favored if you work alone.

Scorpio Horoscope 2013 – Money:

From a financial perspective the first half of the year is very favorable for you, meaning that you can find alternative sources of income, access to resources is facilitated others and if you need to get funds more easily. Try not to be wasteful and if you take certain financial obligations, make sure it’s worth it. Associations are favored in order to obtain financial income as a partner, shareholder or caolaborator motivates you and makes your material development opportunities.

In the second half of the year are favored those who derive income from abroad, as a result of legal proceedings, policy or publication, teaching. You’re more conservative and an investment you make now is safe and stable.
Scorpio Horoscope 2013 – Relations:

This is an excellent time to get stability in relationships. Your personal needs as an individual are not in conflict with the demands of a relationship and you have a realistic understanding of what you are and what others need from you. Your vision is clear and you are not likely to enter a romantic relationship autoiluzionandu up. Generally if you are a romantic relationship will seem rather practical now. Whatever the case you can use the experience. A relationship should be a meeting and another indivd that help you define and understand you more clearly. This can happen now.

In the second half of the ability to make others feel good if they are unhappy or depressed as a result ceialalti might feel good around you now. They might have a chance to do favors for others that will be returned. And since you’re feeling generous you will not mind doing this. Sometimes this transit can mean an interest in a new relationship but is rather a passerby, a flirt. A relationship that begins under this influence will be but beneficial.
Scorpio Horoscope 2013 – Health:

From a health perspective must give proof of responsibility and avoid exaggerations throughout the year but especially in the second half. By including a tendency to exaggeration understand you do not mind the signals that you send them your body (fatigue, exhaustion). With Jupiter in Cancer entry (starting in July) must have grja the food and it is possible to confront and migraines or skin disorders.

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