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How Corruption Destroys a Society

Corruption is never a good thing for a society. It makes omnidirectional damages to a society and thereby destroys.

Corruption has only negative impacts on a society. It helps only a few people those who are directly involved with this.  Overall findings from the whole world is that corruption reduces growth, hinders trade and commerce, blocks investment, makes the financial system sick and strengthens only the black economy.. The output of the corruption is increase of poverty and destroys the economic equilibrium in the society.

In all the corrupted society few scenarios are found common as the outcome of corruption. Few of them are stated below:

  1. It generates income inequality in the society. Thereby some people become too rich and some becomes poorer. It harms the social balance.
  2. If larger portion of people of a society understands that doing corruption can ensure a better life, then the overall social system falls.
  3. Corruption leads people for further corruption. If the social leaders or the country leader cannot control the corruption, then that society lands up in more corrupted stage, which otherwise destroys themselves.
  4.  People loose the moral values and ethics by experiencing some temporary benefits of corruption.
  5. In general, for corruption makes the society fiscally weak.
  6. The society looses its credibility to other society.
  7. As corruption hinders the investment, the society or the country becomes economically weaker day by day.
  8. Corruption reduces the tax and few people attain black money. Due to them the society looses its normalcy.
  9. It reduces the collection of tax by authority and thereby it lowers the development activities by authority.
  10. It affects the budget investment also, due to the non accountability of total money in the society.
  11. Finally corruption dissipates the political legitimacy of a government.

In recent years, corruption has become a permanent problem in many countries of the world. Thereby now a days many international bodies are also working to help those nation for getting rid of that.  For few people it may seem to be useful, but for a society or for a country it is never good. Public awareness, honest leadership and free fair election can frame out a route to root out corruption from a society of a country.

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