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How Do I Transfer Songs From Bearshare to My iPod

How to transfer your downloads from Bearshare to iTunes.

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·         Bearshare is a legal P2P file sharing programme. We all know what’s legal to download and what’s not.

·         Most of the content on Bearshare will not be transferable as it comes in the YouTube format which you will only be able to listen to on  your PC

·         If you have downloaded ‘MP3’ files then you will be able to transfer them.

·         Depending on your version of iTunes, this may happen automatically but if not go to your left hand itunes menu and click on ‘Shared’

·         This will bring up a menu of the music you have downloaded in iTunes of the MP3 format

·         Then click ‘File’ in the top left hand corner of iTunes and when this brings down a menu click ‘Add folder to library.’

For those of you disappointed with Bearshare’s content, Frostwire in my opinion is a far better P2P file sharing programme; the brother of Limewire if you like. If all else fails, you can download Frostwire for free and the same tips as those above should work.

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