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How Has Fastfood Affected Our Society?

How has fast-food affected our society over the past years? What impact has it had on our economy, food and culture? Is fast-food all BAD or are there benefits which deprive from it? What is the origin to fast-food?

Fast food is an enormous chain of food which is affecting our society and is having a huge impact on our environment, economy other factors. Fast food was first recorded or started in 1867, Charles Feltman, a German butcher who opened up the first hot dog stand and began selling food which could be quickly prepared and cooked, mainly burgers etc. This is where the term fast-food originated from and in 1940, the food chain most associated with fast-food; McDonald’s founded by Dick and Mac McDonald opened.

Over the years now fast food has become more and more popular, because it is twice as cheap as any other meal and it is extremely quick. Therefore having a huge impact on society and the way we live. Numerous people are now using fast-food as an excuse because it is an easy way out of cooking and saving money. Whilst recently fast-food has been widely discriminated because we are now aware of the impacts and the factors involved in fast-food, we are now more aware of what impact fast-food has had on our society.

Economically as mentioned before, fast-food is an easy excuse for cheap and quick food and that is why more and more people desire fast food more than other restaurants making them go out of business because of the price comparison, especially in the price crunch we are having now. Also therefore linking into health problems, when more restaurants are going out of business to these fast-food chains, people are ending up in having no option but go to these fast-food chains and resulting in health problems and therefore larger sums of money having to be spent on obesity and health problems; heart attacks and cholesterol problems for example.

Fast-food is also affecting our society because now that it is possible because these fast-food chains are offering such quick service that you can now buy food whilst in the car, more people going out to eat other than making food at home, plus the pollution the trucks are putting out to supply all the fast food chains with the food like the burgers, fries etc. Along with the pollution the restaurant is giving off itself whilst making the food.

Health problems are probably one of the most known problems that fast food does to you because in general, fast-food is extremely bad for you, because they basically fry everything and the large amounts of fat and salt added to make it easier to cook all add up. These large amounts of fat and saturated fat can lead to heart attack (cardiac arrest) plus the cholesterol which clogs up your arteries, plus many other diseases like diabetes and Kidney Stones from all the soda which they offer you. This then can lead to more people going off work and larger amounts of money having to be spent on hospitals and health.

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