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How Legalization of Prostitution Benefits The Public

With the topic of prostitution itself being a taboo, very few may actually speculate about the benefits of legalizing prostitution.

The ongoing debate on prostitution hasn’t progressed too far. So far, we are still stuck on the question on whether we should be legalizing prostitution or not. Though this shows a certain lack of progress, it is quite understandable.

Societies vary on this topic. What maybe acceptable to one society may not be acceptable to the other. For example, most of the western countries are somewhat tolerant about prostitution. However, many eastern countries are opposed to prostitution and treat it like a crime.

The policy of a country like say, the Netherlands will be in stark contrast to the policies followed by say, Saudi Arabia. Netherlands openly supports prostitution while Saudi Arabia strictly bans it. That being said, it does not mean that countries that ban prostitution is completely rid of it. There are illegal pockets within these countries where prostitution operates, and sometimes even thrive.

The legalization of prostitution has many benefits. It benefits all the players concerned within the ambit of prostitution, which may include prostitutes themselves, clients and even the general public.

Though this point of view maybe questioned, there are certain possibilities that may prove so.

The legalization of prostitution may help the general public in the following ways

  1. Regulation

    Legalization also means that there will be some form of regulation involved in the trade. This is because prostitution is not about trading non-living commodities, the subjects are human. Extreme care will be taken and the industry will be regulated. There will be checks for coercion, health status and other things

  2. Taxable income

A taxable income perhaps is one of the best incentives the legalization of prostitution can provide. With the legalization of prostitution, the trade becomes legitimate and therefore taxable. Now when you do consider the fact that prostitution is quite a large industry, what you do have a really big addition to the national economy. The revenue generated can speed up socio-economic development in a country and help its citizens lead a much better life. With the taxable income, a lot more projects can be taken up and overall national development will happen on a much larger scale and with more money to spare.

  1. Protection from Human trafficking

    With legalization comes regulation of the industry. Thorough background checks will be done to ensure the safety of the prostitutes. Background checks will happen to ensure that the prostitutes are not forced into a racket and that they are doing it out of their own will. Human trafficking is an issue that concerns many countries today and it makes countries look really bad. With such a move, you can curb human trafficking and look good at the same time.

  2. Discretion

    Any country that legalizes prostitution ensures a few things and they include that prostitution is a private affair and there be no middlemen or pimps involved. They also ensure that there be no brothels operating where prostitution could be congregated. This avoids build-up of red-light areas and places where there could be a loss of control. This ensures some sort of discretion and somehow masks the prostitution in a city or in a country. Discretion will be practised and public nuisance can be somehow curbed.

  3. Public health protection

    Background checks and regular medical examinations will be conducted in order to ensure that the prostitutes in the trade are disease-free and that the population is not affected by this. Government regulation will ensure that the prostitutes have the right education to deal with clients and they will be taught to use appropriate measures to deal with sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms will be provided by the government for free and this will ensure the upkeep of public health.

For these reasons, it is advisable that prostitution be legalized, this being in the interest of the general public.

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