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How to Apply for a Free Safelink Phone for Low Income Households

It’s easy to apply for a free SafeLink phone if you’re a low income household. If you’re approved for a free cell phone, you should recieve a free SafeLink phone in about a week including free minutes.

SafeLink Wireless with the support of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Lifeline program is providing a free SafeLink phone for low income households. The Lifeline program was created in the 1980’s to help low income households obtain affordable, reliable land line telephone service. The FCC has approved these federal funds to be used for free cell phone programs and free cell phone service.

SafeLink is only one of several telecommunications companies using Lifeline to issue free cell phones. For more information on other programs check out Lifeline Phone Service

How To Apply For A Free SafeLink Phone

To apply specifically for a free SafeLink Phone here are the steps. 1. Determine if you’re eligible by reading the basic qualifications. 2. Then, apply directly with SafeLink. You will be asked to provide proof of income or proof that you’re currently participating in a governmental assisted program like SSI or food stamps. 3. After you have been approved, you will receive a free SafeLink phone in about a week. When your free cell phone arrives you will need to activate it to get your free cell phone minutes.

1. Determine If You Pass Basic Qualifications For A Free SafeLink Phone

a. Does The State You Reside In Participate In The Free SafeLink Phone Program?  

 You must live in one of the states participating in SafeLink’s free cell phone program. The states currently participating are Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

b. Do You Meet total household income requirement? 

Your total monthly household income must be at or below your states poverty level. This amount varies depending on the state you reside in. Typically, the amount is approximately $2,385 total monthly income for a household of four. You can find detailed income guidelines on the website. If you’re already receiving other forms of government assistance such as food stamps, section 8 housing, or the free school lunch program, then you can provide proof of this and would probably be approved to receive a free SafeLink phone and free cell phone service. 

2. Apply For A Free SafeLink Phone. 

Apply online, over the telephone, or print off an application and mail it in. It is easier to apply online by clicking a few buttons and filling out simple forms than the other two options. Whichever way you decide to apply, you will have an option on which plan you would like to receive. For example, you can get more free monthly phone minutes if you don’t choose to make international phone calls. The choice of free cell phones are LG, Motorola, and Samsung. Some of the free services that comes with the phone are caller id, call waiting, and voice mail.

3. Activate Your Free SafeLink Phone For Free Minutes. 

After you receive your free SafeLink Phone you need to turn it on and active it to add your 1st month of free minutes.


Have Questions? 

Lifeline is a good program doing a great deed in providing financially struggling low income households with free cell phones and free monthly minutes. If you have any questions or problems regarding your free SafeLink phone or minutes you can contact them via their website or by calling their toll free customer service phone number. 

SafeLink Wireless website:

SafeLink Wireless toll-free telephone number: 1-800-SafeLink

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