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How to Avoid Business Online Scams

I’m interested in, because it occurs in writing this article last night (25-12-2011) I caught a glimpse of Seurat (If you remember correctly, the survey) RCTI.

The theme is a very interesting discussion has become the common sense of the issues, online fraud. Yes, this is a case of online fraud occurred in recent years, has become common sense, fraud is often the seller / seller Batam city. No intent to disfigure the city and all the citizens of Batam Island Batam Island, I have to admit, online fraud is often the case with the transaction, the seller / seller from Batam Island City.

No, because all citizens Batam “criminal mind”, but Batam is important / strategic immigration imported goods may rarely be found in the free market in Indonesia. It is in Indonesia in perparah with Disabilities Act, there is no law on electronic transactions. A savvy scammers use flawed laws in this country, I think we can prevent homebuyers statement “If I asked my cheating” or “I was 100% of your return funds statement

Online sales business stuff, can be very useful to have high economic value. Try to imagine the online sales site reputation, and we already know how to benefit from in the day? This is the magic number, if you want to try to understand. We proved my site, such as Amazon, eBay, dealextreme, Dunhuang network,

. Within a day, they can turnover of millions, or billions, which is wonderful, is not it?

However, this is not what we discussed today, we will discuss how to avoid online fraud and to determine its characteristics. The most common fraud is on sale through the social networking site Facebook, in many cases, the fraud occurred in kaskus forum. Why choose this medium liar? Because this medium is anonymous, anyone can write and inform some freedom. The most common / are widely found in the characteristics of this type of fraud is:

The price of goods is very market price. For example, a project worth 1.5 JT 3JT.

Proved over buyers, but the product is only sold by the seller / seller monotonous. For example, trade, Mr Nice bang, my God! Well, I have received the goods, nice! Something magical, and so on.

The seller ever thought directly with the buyer (we are familiar with COD, COD means cash on delivery, which means that we pay for the goods to arrive at their destination, / We have received).

The seller usually liar issued store address and other information (to persuade buyers to lie, because they are a great businessman). However, please keep in mind that if you have a friend in the same city to ask to check the address of your contacts before the transaction

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