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How to Contact President Obama About Fracking

I believe you will get a good response to this letter.

 Emails to the President via the contact Address are the best way to contact him.

Dear President Obama,


It is now well established fact that drilling for shale gas liberates large quantities of methane, hydrogen sulphide, and radon.

Methane is an asphyxiate.

At levels that can occur in association with shale gas drilling.  Within the confines of area homes, basements, and other walled-structures, asphyxiation by methane is a risk, especially as people sleep. Methane is also highly flammable, placing area residents at risk for fires and explosions.

Radon is a radioactive gas. It is one of the leading causes of lung cancer in the world

Over 25,000 US citizens die every year from this.

Hydrogen Sulphide can cause.

Acute inhalation causes olfactory paralysis, coughing, physical collapse, and respiratory failure; coma and death.

Unlike other US industries because of the Halliburton loophole shale gas drilling activities are exempt from the US Clean Air Act, and so gas drilling activities are free to cause these releases without restraint.

The United Nations have decreed that everyone has a right to fresh water sanitation and clean air and the Halliburton loophole denies all US citizens that right.

It is my request that the Halliburton loophole is ended and US gets back to protecting its Citizens. I believe the conditions of the Halliburton Loophole only affect state legislation and you could declare this a Federal Matter in that case all the US laws will apply.

During your term in office you have displayed your love for US and its people and I feel sure you will agree with me over this issue.

There are may good legal firms that will represent you on win or no fee basis in USA if you are affected by shale gas.


Liked it
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