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How to Get a Crick Out of Your Neck

You may ask, what is a crick. A crick is a stubborn cramp, or muscle stiffness that sometimes is painful if you move your head from side to side. I woke up with a tiny one, but used these steps, and in no time at all, my neck was back to normal and in tip top shape. Here’s how to get that uncomfortable crick out of your neck.

We sometimes take our necks for granted.  It’s important to realize that taking care of your neck is just as important as taking care of the rest of your body.  After all, your neck supports the cranium that holds the gray matter that controls all of your movements.

A long slender neck makes you look graceful and is to be admired just the same, if not more than your long slender legs. 

Unfortunately, sometimes you may not take care of your neck as well as you should, including making sure that you are holding it at a natural posture when sleeping.  The result?  A cramp or stiffness at the spot where your neck was not supported properly.


The pain, muscle stiffness or discomfort can come from either side of your neck, depending on where you failed to support it properly, mainly when you are sleeping.

The most common cause of a neck crick is not supporting it properly, especially as you sleep.  You may have seen mattress commercials where the ads show the posture of your body being supported, and do not even mention that it’s just as important to be sure that your neck is supported properly as well.

Make sure your head is not positioned a lot higher than the rest of your body as shown here.  She may be smiling now, but in the morning, she may experience a neck crick due to the unnatural neck posture.

Here is a more natural neck posture to have if you are sleeping on your side.  You will notice her neck is propped up very slightly, and her face and nice are almost on an even plane.

She will probably experience a problem if she add lots of pillows, resulting in her head being a lot higher than the normal slight slanted plane as shown above.

In my situation, I piled a lot of pillows on top of each other which caused my head to be abnormally higher than my neck.  As a result, in the morning I experienced a slight crick in my neck.

There are other ways to get a neck crick, such as not supporting your neck properly on long plane trips, etc.

How do you get rid of a crick in your neck?  If it is very slight, then very gently move your head from side to side, being sure not to strain any neck muscles.   What you are doing is relaxing your neck muscles naturally, and getting your neck muscles used flexing naturally in its normal posture — which was disrupted due to the position of the pillows.

The above exercises worked for me without a glitch. It also helped that I went along with my normal daily routine, and did not dwell on the neck crick when it first occurred.

If you are still having problems after the light neck exercise, you may use Aloe Vera cream or gel, which has a soothing, cool feeling when rubbed softly and gently on your neck.

If your neck crick  still continues, you may want to take a trip to see your doctor; however, sometimes it may just take a little more time for your neck to get back to normal.

Sleep tight and remember your neck posture while you are sleeping is important.  With the correct neck posture, not only will you have a restful sleep without a neck crick, but you will wake up in the morning ready to enjoy your day.

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