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Human Euthanasia

A short speech/summary on human euthanasia.

Imagine this, a close relative of yours is dying of lung cancer. There is no cure for his condition and his death is going to be slow and painful. He could either wait it out to die, or he could vouch for a second option; euthanasia.
Euthanasia, as most of you know, is the mercy killing of an animal or a person when they are too unwell to possibly care for or if medical care cannot help their condition. Back to the scenario, if your relative does choose euthanasia, he’s going to have a hard time finding a place where it is practiced legally. He would either have to travel to Luxembourg or to the states of Washington and Oregon in the USA.
If your relative did choose to end his live, and he did want to travel to the USA or Luxembourg, than his life would be ended fairly easily. There are a few methods for human euthanasia, the most common is a gas (Usually carbon monoxide) or a needle. This allows for a peaceful death.  Euthanasia, however, isn’t to be confused with assisted suicide; that is helping with another person taking his or her own life. Euthanasia is practiced when there is no other option available for that person, they are going to die anyway, so they might as well die quickly and painfully compared to a long and painful death. This is a common misconception, but assisted suicide and euthanasia are two very different things.
There are three main advantages to use Euthanasia; it is giving the choice to the patient to end their own life instead of a continued existence of pain; pain and suffering that a patient suffers, even when under pain killers, can be unbearable and euthanasia offers a way out; and the last advantage is that of clearing space for other people in hospitals. When people can no longer commit to society and are costing money to keep them alive, perhaps it is better to end their life peacefully and allow someone who once cured from their ailment, can contribute to society.
Euthanasia should be practiced legally internationally, so that people who wish to end their lives can do it without needless travel expenses and stresses. Euthanasia was once actually practiced in Australia, where the Northern Territory first allowed it during the 90’s. Four patients chose to end their lives with the help of Dr Philip Nitschke, who designed a machine which asked the patient a variety of questions, which determined if they were willing to truly end their lives.
There are also many groups that are pro-euthanasia and anti-euthanasia. These ‘right to die’ and ‘right to live’ groups are spread all over the world, and the main argument that pro-euthanasia groups use is; “if a person has a right to live, they should have a right to die”. The anti euthanasia groups say that through advances in medical technology, euthanasia is no longer needed for human beings.

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