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Human Rights

Reflection about Declaration of Human Right’s legacy.

The conceptualization of human rights is linked to its origin and foundation, an issue that is widely debated within the moral, legal and political philosophy.

The concept of human rights around the values of dignity, freedom and human equality, is the affirmation of the value of the human person and its protection as the foundation of a whole legal and political order. The definition of human rights gives them universality and absolute character.

The Declaration of Human Rights has broad contours, so that their assumptions are accepted and assumed by different ideologies. Represent a minimum core of consciousness that humanity has of its own values and fundamental principles.

The historical value of the Declaration and its current term are that it is the first document in the history of universal scope, in which the rights and freedom of the whole human family are included.

This document emphasizes the foundations of the indivisibility and interdependence of all human rights (civil, political, economic and cultural) to recognize them the same need for protection; the community must internationalize them in a global and coherent manner.

Currently there are numerous ethical conflicts that arise within the aspiration of protection of a person; it is necessary to widespread acceptance of certain standards of conduct and a concerted effort of civil society.

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