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Human Rights in North Korea

North Korea, the most notorious of all the nations in the world, has the worst human rights even for their own citizens ranging from public executions to human experimentation.

North Korea, one of the most notorious and dreaded nations in the world, is better known as the place where practically no human rights exist at all. Sometimes, generations of a family are seen rotting inside those prison camps.

There are basically two types of prison camps in North Korea, namely “Internment camps” for political prisoners where prisoners who are thought to be a threat to the country’s political system are kept. The prisoners are lodged there along with their families or even grandparents or grandchildren without any conviction or lawsuit and remain their for the rest of their lives. The other type of prison camps are the “Reeducation camps” wherein people are kept whose conditions are almost similar to that of political prisoners and sometimes are forced to forcefully admit that they have committed a crime through means of brutal torture.

The conditions in North Korean prison camps can be said to be somewhat matching to those of Nazi concentration camps. Human experimentation is carried out in these prison camps. One account tells how a group of about 50 women were forced to eat poisoned cabbages despite cries from other women who already ate it. Within 20 minutes of eating, all of them died. Another tale tells how once a family of four were forced into a gas chamber and then poisonous gas was released into the chamber and the father and mother were trying to save their children for as long as they had strength. Such horrifying tales are common in North Korean prison camps.

Also, public executions of accused people are carried out through firing by the firing squad. Also, in prison camps, if someone tries to violate the norm or tries to escape the prison, his/her family members are executed and that person is forcefully made to see the execution(s).

At the Hoeryong concentration camp, the prison guards are specifically told that the prisoners are class enemies and they are to be treated as slaves and not as human beings. Therefore, the guards can kill or punish the prisoners in the manner he desires to do.

Ahn Myong Chol and Kwon Hyok were the prison guards in Hoeryong prison camps and they are now the witnesses of the horrifying tales of torture meted out to prisoners in North Korean concentration camps. Beatings are carried out on daily basis, various tortures include water torture, kneeling torture etc. They also said that most of the prisoners do not have their limbs but are still forced to work as slaves for as long as 20 hours a day.

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