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If You Have You Way

THIS could be us.

I don’t put you tube video up first but this Is pretty bizarre so I thought it might be fitting to add It this way lol; Could you image a world th only the richest have food every day and we have to do things like this just to feed our families? Or even the second where even robot get abused by there human owners till even they fight back. Don’t say that can’t happen there are over 100 women who were working at a sweat shop for Wall mart and other stores for 16 cents an hour when the place caught on fire; And the doors were locked so these poor ladies couldn’t leave the building taking 100 lives. The least they should have done is make sure the conditions were safe enough to work in free from fire hazards and other dangers not to mention the locking them in the building so all can do is die there. 

And what if any of those ladies were really kids working in that sweat shop for one of the other major store’s as slaves to there profits; And there also victims of there own country that don’t have building codes and maybe no one to enforce them any way or labor laws that could have saved the lives of those ladies working there. No one cared enough to make sure there work place was safe not even the stores that contracted the labor for the clothes they were putting out; But why would they that would cost them money and all these greedy people care about is money make no mistake about it there heartless. We stop letting business to that kind of slavery back in the early 1900s then Teddy Roosevelt was president and we stopped child labor too; The least you can do is step up a building code and a set of labor laws that protect workers from abuse by these greedy uncaring ass holes.

An illustration showing sweatshop conditions. Caption reads, “Report, N.Y. Bureau of Statistics of Labor, 1885. Cloak shop on the top floor of 12 Hester St.” (Photo credit: Kheel Center, Cornell University)


Liked it
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