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Illuminati Symbols in Media

The symbolism is everywhere.

The Illuminati is right under your nose!

For more information about the Illuminati: CLICK HERE!

Illuminati symbols are becoming more and more prominent in todays media. Some are VERY easy to notice (For example, the classic pyramid with the all seeing eye), while others are hidden, made to look normal, or subliminal.

Before we look at the symbols that are flooding ‘our’ media, we have to ask the question, why? Lets take a deeper look into why Governments even care if we look at these symbols.

Why they do it.

One of the most popular questions I hear is “Why would they even HAVE symbols , let alone advertise them in media. Aren’t they supposed to be a secret society?”

They are a ’secret’ society, but not really. It’s confusing really (they made it this way!). The Illuminati is secret enough so that the general public knows nothing (or so they think) about them, but open so that they are not entriley unknown. It’s all part of their agenda, they will eventually come out and reveal themselves for who they are.

The symbols are VERY imporant for them, like many societies and cultures. Symbols usually have very very deep meanings, like the cross for christianity. It’s not JUST a cross, it means a lot more than that. It’s the same way for the illuminati.

They advertise these symbols because it gives them power. Usually the Illuminati are the owners of whatever is advertising these symbols (like the news).

So that is, very vaguely, why the Illuminati has symbols, advertises them, and is ’secretive’ (For a more detailed explanation, please visit: )

The symbols.

almost EVERY symbol or icon you see on television, will be connected someway, which either the Illuminati, or some other society. Symbols have many deep meanings, and they are everywhere.

Illuminati eye

The most famous symbol of the Illuminati. Referred to as, the all seeing eye, or horus’ eye. This can be seen ALL over the place. For example:



American $1 bill

Hand signals

Another VERY infamous ’symbol’ is the devil sign. Many members of the government can be seen doing this satanic sign. There are TONS (I mean TOOONS!) of pictures out there about this. From Bush, to Clinton, even Obama!

The Illuminati Handshake

As you can see, there are MANY different handshakes, and you can see almost all important figures of the world using these handshakes amongst eachother.

Young Obama.

Seems like even the POPE is in on it!

There are many other symbols and images all around us, many from the Illuminati. To cover ALL these would take hours upon hours of reading time, this article is just an introduction to the symbolism that is all over our world.

Open your eyes! With knowledge, we can defeat anyone.

For more information about the Illuminati: CLICK HERE

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  1. hidden

    On March 11, 2013 at 3:12 am

    Whatim woundering is why bother hiding if they already have thepower to rule what they want? If they were realy a true power shouldnt they have shown it now?

  2. Hidden

    On March 11, 2013 at 3:14 am

    Whatl im woundering is why bother hiding if they already have the power to rule what they want? If they were realy a true power shouldnt they have shown it now?

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